Workout Wednesday

10 fitness apps that REALLY workApps I’m recently loving:

1. Nike Training Club

2. Swork It

3. Fitness Buddy Free

4. Quick 4 Minute Workout – Tabata

And here’s why…

People of all fitness levels can use each app, anywhere, any time. So finding the time is now out of the question since the workouts in each app are between 4-60 minutes. BY FAR, my favorite one is the Nike Training Club app. You can select your fitness level, desired time of activity and what general area you are trying to focus on. From there it gives you suggestions, you pick the workout and begin. It has a timer  and a how-to video if you are unfamiliar with each exercise. Some workouts require a few pieces of equipment but it’s easy to work around with household items or simply doing it without the item.

Have you found one that you love?! Tell us and we’d love to try and review it!


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