Dietitian’s Pick


Temperatures are HOT HOT HOT down here in Texas and staying hydrated is the best way to beat this summer heat! The Kersh dietitians give tips on their favorite ways to hydrate in a healthy way:


  • Sparkling water w/ a splash of fruit infused vinegar over crushed ice
  • Easy peasy alcoholic drink- Firefly Skinny Tea Vodka (made w/ Truvia) mixed w/ ice water. Tastes just like the most delicious sweet tea ever without the sugar guilt


  • Kombucha! It’s a fermented probiotic drink. If you find ones with no added sugars, only those used during the fermentation process (will be in the parentheses with the kombucha strain, not as its own ingredient), they are typically only 20-40 calories per serving. I like to drink these with lunch or during the afternoon if I plan to work out after work, because that little bit of sugar helps power the workouts.
  • When I have a glass of wine at night, I cut it with sparkling water. It gives it a little bit of effervescence, adds some hydration, and helps portion control the wine.


  • I recently bought a cute glass with a straw to keep at my desk and help me drink more water throughout the day. I also thoroughly enjoy a glass of unsweetened tea at lunch each day. I found an unsweetened peach tea at the store last weekend…yum!
  • Another delicious way to hydrate during the hot summer months is with fresh fruit. My current favorites include watermelon, cherries and grapes. 🙂

Elaine- I love Sonic’s diet iced green tea with blackberry or I make a homemade version using a fruity herbal tea and Stevia poured over ice.


  • Always keep ice cold water nearby – it encourages me to drink water throughout the day (even if I’m sipping on something else).
  • I also LOVE snacking on frozen grapes – fruit is an awesome way to get some extra hydration in your snacks.

Taylor- I mix up my water bottles to match my coffee cups each week of the month (gatorade bottle, starbucks cup, yeti cup, and my pink St. Louis bottle)

Jennifer- To quench my thirst, I enjoy drinking Ice Cold Water mixed with Crystal Light. This drink satisfies my sweet tooth and is very low in calories.


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