Dietitians Pick

Whether we are talking about watching your kid play high school level, routing on your alma mater or cheering for your favorite NFL team, tailgating is a huge ordeal! As dietitians we get so many questions on healthy options. Here are a couple tips and our dietitian’s answers to their favorite tailgating dish.


  1. Eat on a smaller plate
  2. Eat a small snack before you go to the party
  3. Try making half your plate vegetables
  4. Attempt a healthy spin on your favorite recipe
  5. Keep track of how many alcoholic beverages you consume
  6. Keep track of how much you consume after you eat using an app like My Fitness Pal

Dietitian Favorites:

Taylor: BBQ chicken wings! First I bake them, then grill them! Toss them in a little butter and massage a nice light layer of sweet baby rays BBQ sauce!

Elaine: I love dips, especially for crunchy raw veggies, pita chips, and fruit. My favorites are ranch dip made with greek yogurt, hummus, and this peanut butter fruit dip-

Ashley: Spinach artichoke dip and wings!!

Anna: Guacamole!

Jennifer:  I make kabobs on the grill with onion, tomatoes, squash, and chicken.  SO YUMMY!!!

Lindsey: This dip –>  Modifications I make: Franks buffalo sauce instead of hot sauce and no ranch seasoning (which is optional anyways in the recipe).

Allie: Guacamole! I love Alton Brown’s recipe – it has tons of tomato and onion so it’s extra chunky & has a little bit of cayenne to kick it up a notch. You can find the recipe at


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